Grenfell Tower’s victims.


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They have the joy of living in the eyes: a young couple who had to move abroad to work, because Italy did not give a future. And they died in a tragedy, another tragedy of human stupidity, that part of humanity, slave of capitalism , that enriching the rich on the skin of the poor. A residential building coated with cheap materials to make someone enrich with that renovation.

I feel angry for my compatriots dead in the hell of the Grenfell Tower, because there can be no understanding and forgiveness for such terrible tragedies, that break innocent lifes in the name of money’s god: this slavery, this sale of human life, in the name of money, must end.

Voting is the only secret action: all other communications are polluted.


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I never said for who voted for the national election for a very simple reason: a piece of paper, a pencil and a tent… It’s the only action left that is covered by privacy.

All other communications such as chat and e-mail pass between groups of friends, men and their wives, they pass between them laughing about who writes them, as shards of humans given to the shark meal.

The money and the illness that it create in the brain of the people.


It has become commonplace that we have all become instruments for making money in families, communities of coexistence, friendships.
So are just relationships of convenience to other people: our happiness is important and is not written anywhere that we deserve to be loved just because we are rich or poor people.
The soul needs serenity, the heart of being reassured: if the person that you love, he just look at how many zeros you have on your current account, I would say that it is not love at all, but a tunnel of unhappiness.